Thursday, July 9, 2009

Meaning of Lyevoiye (Левыйе)

I just thought I'd throw out the reasoning/meaning behind the web address of my blog.

In Russian it means Politically Left.  This does not mean I'm a socialist, I just lean to the left a lot.  I believe there are many things that the goverment can do better than anyone else.  For example,

Judicial system
Schools, mostly
Collect Taxes
Supervise building of roads, airports, etc.

and, of course, I'm biased:  Air Traffic Control is an inherently governmental function!!!

I don't want some private company controlling the airspace over our great nation.  That just seems too much of a security risk for anyone.

Done with my rant about what "socialist" things we already have in our nation, that most people use without even thinking about it; and they consider themselves good right wingers.


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  1. A lot of the leftist ideas I embrace are the Zionis ideals I grew to admire and respect.

    That and free health care.